All players understand and accept that by using our services he/she is obligated to follow the rules, regulations, terms and conditions contained herein, with clear knowledge and understanding that the rules, regulations, terms and conditions may change without prior notification. Players must check the website periodically or at least once per month to ensure no changes have been applied. The security of his/her Username and Password is the sole responsibility of each of our customers. If for any reason it is suspected that someone else has had access to this confidential information, it is the client’s responsibility to contact us immediately and request a change of password. In the case that a third party places a bet using the correct username and password for a specific account, that bet will be considered valid, whether that third party had or not previous authorization from the accountholder and whether the account holder had or not knowledge of the bet being placed. As our client, you should not allow anyone else to use or have access to the account or to any information or material belonging to BetLatina, accept a prize or participate in any of our games. If the client gives away, shares or loses his user name and/or password, we will not be held responsible for any claims of inadequate use of the account. It is not allowed that the same person opens multiple accounts with the purpose of getting around the limits established by our wagering system. BetLatina allows only one account per person and the creation of multiple accounts will result in an auditing of your account. All bets will be void if we detect this type of activity. Management reserves the right to reject and/or close any account at any point for any given reason.

Age limit

You must be of legal age in the jurisdiction you contact us from or connect from, and at least 18 (eighteen) years of age to use our services.


Our Page does not provide details regarding personal identity or account information to any third party. We keep your account and user information strictly confidential. It is within your discretion to report or not winnings and losses to the proper authorities.


Our Page uses the most advanced security technology available thus ensuring your account’s integrity. All data received and transmitted through our webpage is encrypted following world security measures. We record every transaction and wager made within 90 days.


Given that internet gambling laws vary widely throughout the world; it is the client’s sole responsibility to ensure understanding and compliance with such laws and regulations in their own city, state or country. It is recommended to participate only in gambling events legal within the jurisdiction from where our clients connect or call. Clients understand and accept that we are unable to provide any legal advice or assurances.


All wagers are final once accepted and may not be changed or reversed. Whether placed via internet or over the phone, after following the double confirmation process, all bets are final. As in any gambling game, there is the risk of losing money. All players choose to wager money at their own discretion and risk.

Credit Card

If your card shows a double charge, or was charged by mistake or without your authorization, we will consider your case and, if validated, will refund your purchase. In case you acknowledge the charge but want to cancel the transaction and request a refund, please send an email to [email protected] or call us at 1-888-200-2195 for assistance. Please contact Member Services for further information about your transactions and about refunds or cancellations. Any member found to be committing credit card fraud of any kind will be subject to criminal and/or civil prosecution. Winnings resulting from the illicit use of such credit cards will automatically be forfeited.