Our company is interested on our clients’ wellbeing. As part of our social responsibility program we want to provide our customers with useful tools and help ensure that you enjoy our services in a healthy and responsible way.

Online gambling is a great form of entertainment, betting on a game makes it a lot more exciting to watch. The thrill when you win is amazing. However, for some it is very difficult to establish healthy limits and controls when gambling online, and it may become a problem that interferes in both their personal life and their finances.

Below we include some suggestions on how to keep your online gaming habits in a check:

  • Know your limits: time limits, money limits, etc.
  • Establish a budget you are going to play with, it can be daily, weekly or monthly. If you win, great! If you lose, use your will power and try not to play again until your budget allows you to.
  • Evaluate your gaming habits: the signals that there is a problem are very clear, if your gambling is negatively affecting your personal or financial life, you feel like you have lost control and all you think about is gambling, if you are incapable of limiting the hours you spend wagering online or the amount of money you spend at it, these are all clear signs.
  • Get Help: there are a lot of people with a gambling problem and many different options to get help and therapy.