We only accept bets made online or by telephone, bets are not accepted in any other form (e.g. post, email, fax, etc.) and where received will be void - win or lose.

It is the players’ responsibility to verify that each bet placed has the correct information. Once a bet has been accepted and confirmed no changes or cancelations are allowed.

Any claim or dispute that arises in relation to a particular ticket must be reported no later than 3 days after the ticket took place. No claims will be received after that period of time.

If funds are credited to your account by mistake, whether technical, human, or other, it is the clients’ obligation to inform about it. Any winnings product of this mistake, whether directly related to it or not, will be voided.

No liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with our website or its content; including delays, interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or lines failure and any person's misuse of the site.

If a customer includes a non-runner or void selection in a multiple bet or parlay, the bet will be settled on the remaining selections.

The company reserves the right to block access where evidence indicative of automated or robotic activity is found.

All events must take place at the time, place and date that were originally set unless otherwise specified. In the case that an event is postponed or the date is changed all bets accepted for said event will be considered “No Action” and the funds will be returned to the clients’ account. (** Exceptions: this rule does not apply for the following sports: Tennis, Golf, Engine Sports-F1, NASCAR, Moto GP, Indy.)

  Special Category
(50000 Max Payout)
A Tracks
(20000 Max Payout)
B Tracks
(13000 Max Payout)
C Tracks
(8000 Max Payout)
D Tracks
(3000 Max Payout)
Win Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds
Place Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds
Show Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds Track odds
$1 Exacta 250 250 250 250 250
$1 Quinella 150 150 150 150 150
$2 Double 500 500 500 500 500


Wagering Over the Phone

Minimum amount to wager over the phone is of $50.00 USD per call, in any wager placed over the telephone, for horse races the minimum bet is $25.00 but it cannot go over $10.000.00 USD per call, unless it has been previously authorized by the manager on duty. Limits may change depending on the sport or event.

All conversations will be recorded. Any discrepancies that arise shall be resolved by the use of the recording and wagers will be adjusted accordingly. It is the customer's responsibility to listen carefully to the final read back. The final read back is what the customer is confirming to be the proper bet(s). It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that the details of their wagers are correct. Once wagers have been placed and their acceptance confirmed, they may not be cancelled or changed by the customer. If a client confirms a read back where the telephone clerk made a mistake, the wager will be considered valid.

In case of phone disconnection or a bad connection it’s the responsibility of the client to call back before post time to confirm what was entered is correct or the play stands as originally entered. Otherwise, the plays will be voided.

Wagering Over the Internet

The Customers must log in using their personal account number and password before they may wager or access their account information. It is the Customer's responsibility to keep their password secure. All wagers placed in the account will be binding.

The minimum bet on sporting events is $5.00 (five dollars) and $1.00 (one dollar) for horse races. Limits may change depending on the sport, event or type of wager.

All transactions are recorded. Should a dispute arise, you agree that the transaction log database will be the ultimate authority in such matters.

It is the Customer's responsibility to review the wagers before submitting them, and before logging out to make sure all bets are correct. All wagers are final, and cannot be changed or deleted. Please make sure that you review your wagers and your ticket before submitting it to avoid any errors. We will not be held responsible for duplicated or missing tickets. Clients must check their transactions in the “active plays” section of the site after each session to ensure that all plays selected have been correctly accepted.


Management reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager. Use of multiple accounts to circumvent online limits is prohibited.

It is prohibited to parlay the same team with both the point spread and the money line. Multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of another (correlated plays).

An exception to this rule is where special odds are offered for the combined eventuality, e.g. First Player to Score/Correct Score Double, known as a Score Cast.

When the related parts of a bet are resolved at different times but still within the same tournament, the bet will be settled as instructed, with the price of the second or subsequent selection being determined at each individual stage.

For example, a double selects:

Nadal to win the semi-final of US Open, and Nadal to win the US Open tournament outright.

As the odds of the second selection depend on the outcome of the first, the odds of Nadal winning the tournament at the time of the bet cannot be used to calculate the double. The correct odds after the initial selection is completed will be attributed instead.

Multiple bets which combine different selections within different events are also not accepted where the outcome of one affects or is affected by the other.

In the case of all multiples including selections with related outcomes, if a bet is taken inadvertently, we reserve the right to void part of or the whole bet.


In the case of an obvious error on the posted line, scheduled time, or maximum wager, any wagers may be deemed a "no action" wager, and all money will be credited accordingly.

A player will never benefit from betting on a clearly erroneous line or on events with time errors, etc.

If the error is discovered with sufficient time before the start of an event, we will try by all means to contact the customer and may in our absolute discretion allow the option of cancelling the bet or provide the options available as per management.

In the case of a bad or reversed line, the wager will be deemed "No Action", and the member's account will be credited accordingly. Management will attempt to contact the client prior to game time via e-mail.

If the client has no e-mail or the e-mail address on file is no longer valid, the member's password will be pulled until the client contacts us. If the play warrants immediate contact, management will attempt to reach the client by telephone.

Any attempts to take advantage of an obvious error or to past post on any action will not be accepted.

If a player believes that he/she has posted an erroneous line, has a time error or incorrect fixture, the player should immediately notify us to verify whether the information is correct or incorrect.

Bonuses are given in good faith by our site management and as an incentive to the player in appreciation for his/her preference.

Management reserves the right to deny or take away the bonus to clients who don’t comply with the rules and policies of use herein mentioned. Management reserves the right to offer selective promotions and special bonuses and it is not obligated to explain the criteria being used to choose the players that are benefited.

Promotions are limited to one per deposit, per person, account, household, email, telephone number, same payment account (e.g. moneybookers, neteller, etc.) and shared computer such as school, public library or workplace.

All promotional offerings are intended for recreational players only. Our web site reserves the right to award, deny or reverse any promotional offering to any customer at any time if it is determined that the customer is not eligible to participate.

Bonuses are only offered on new money; if a member has recently taken a payout, client will be required to make up the total amount of the payout in deposits before being eligible for a bonus. Bonuses will only be provided to clients with a net loss position, a client whose account is in a net positive position overall will not be eligible for re-load bonuses.

The Free Play bonus can be used only on Straight wagers and Parlays of up to 3 teams, on any sport, however no futures or props are allowed.

Free Plays can be used on Money lines between -200 and +200; our website reserves the right to deny any wager that exceeds these limits.

All free play wagers payout only the winnings. The “risk” amount will not be credited when a free play wager results in a win.

Cancelled games in which a Free Play is utilized will be credited back and allowed to be wagered at a later time.

Wagers placed with a free play do not count towards the rollover.

For rollover purposes, the lesser amount between the risk and the win is the one that is considered.

Rollover calculations do not take into consideration any wager placed on a proposition or future bet.

Rollover calculations do not include any pending wagers. Only wagers that are finalized are counted in the rollover report.

Rollover and hold time requirements must be met before any funds can be withdrawn from the account without penalties.

Promotions cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Fees will be covered on all person to person deposits of $300 USD or more.

Max Bonus payout is limited to an amount of $5,000.00 USD.

Limitations apply for circled and restricted games.

Clients can close their account at any time. However, if the account is closed less than two months after your first deposit was made all bonuses will be canceled.

Promotional offerings are not credited automatically into any account; customers must request their bonus by contacting Customer Service within 24 hours of having made their deposit.

All promotional offerings and policies are exclusively at the discretion of our site and are liable to cancellation, change and/or modification without warning or prior notice. Our site reserves the right to withdraw the availability of any or all offers to any customer at any time.